Care of Banners

  • Always wrap around a tube or similar object at least as wide as the banner.
  • Always wrap it with the paint outside. It’s good to keep it wrapped in a sheet.
  • Never tape the painted side. Don’t paint anything on image.
  • Never cut holes in it, but you can add grommets at edges (thinner banners might need to have a small extra piece of fabric added for strength.) Can be push-pinned up, or roped thru the grommets.
  • You could staple wood strips along the two sides, if easier for holding, but you MUST REMOVE staples before rolling up, if the boards are removed.
  • You can’t take it into the state house if there are boards/sticks on it.
  • They are painted with acrylic paint and are water resistant, so can be used in the rain, but lay them out flat to dry them (when you get to a dry room) before rolling them back up for storage.
  • If left in a cold place (below freezing), don’t unroll until it warms up.
  • Please let everybody who uses the banner know the proper care of it.

The Mining Banner played an important role in our effort to defeat the new watered down mining rules that were being proposed by the DEP.

We displayed the banner at a DEP hearing. This helped with newspaper coverage…. The banner also helped to educate folks on the issue offering information in an accessible format.

Finally, we displayed the banner outside the meeting hall of the Environmental and Natural Resources Committee during their public hearing. This helped to create an atmosphere that supported all the testimony(there was plenty!) against the watered down mining rules….. The Committee voted to reject the rules. The House and Senate have also voted to reject the rules. This issue will re-surface in the future and we will have our banner ready to go!

— David Smith