What to include in a contract:

  • Name of group or non-profit organization:
  • Contact (person who will be responsible for artwork’s whereabouts while in the organization’s possession) – title, email, phone number:
  • Name and/or description of Banner or other artwork:
  • Projected dates artwork is needed and for what events (you can update this with us as things may change) .Please keep us informed as to how the artwork impacts on your mission:
  • Signature: Our organization has read the loan agreement and is willing to participate as outlined. (Name of appropriate representative of the organization. Please date.)


Our ARRT! group decided that we wanted to “own” the banners, to get them returned to us if they are not being used, to exhibit if we have an exhibit, to borrow them for related events and get them used by other groups. Your ARRT! group may want to take another approach and might just want to give them away permanently…

Here’s a sample contract:

Loan Agreement

I am blown away by how amazing it is.  Please let everyone in the group know that we are extremely thankful for your creativity and generosity.  We look forward to showing this off at all our future events.

— Ashley G, Preble Street Resource Center