Funding Your Project


ARRT! is part of an artists union (The Union of Maine Visual Artists – UMVA) that is a registered nonprofit so we can receive donations and donors can take a write-off on their taxes. We have also been fortunate to get grants to help fund our group. This allows us to pay small stipends to members who show up on an on-going basis (we say if you come more than once and stay most of the time, you get paid).   We also ask the nonprofits for whom we make banners to make a donation to our group to defray expenses. (see form that goes out with banners)

There are many arts organizations that can act as a fiscal sponsor for your group to help raise funds and receive donations. This can benefit them as well as you because your work is likely to be highly visible in the community!

As a very small, underfunded, nonprofit organization up against some of the better funded industrial sectors of our society, Food for Maine’s Future/Local Food RULES, needs all the visibility and free press it can garner. The beautiful banner that ARRT created for us certainly has helped us in that regard.  

To trot out the old trope of “one picture…” I would say that our ability to display this banner, not only on our website and Facebook page, but at many of the mass rallies we attend regularly, has helped increase the public awareness of our organization and the work we do to advocate for small farmers, farm workers and their patrons across the state and around the country and the world

We are deeply appreciative of the effort, skill and talent that ARRT provides to organizations across the state. Helping us say our “thousand words” without uttering a sound.

— Betsy Garrold